Where words fail, music speaks
— Hans Christian Andersen

Carrying forward the baton of his family’s legacy and maintaining the exquisite tradition of ghazal singing, Dr. Roshan Bharti is a very well established name in the ghazal world. He is the grandson of Ustad Jamal Khan, a famous vocalist who belonged to the Seniya gharana. Seniya gharana, also known as the “Kalavant gharana” of Hindustani classical music, traces its roots back to famous musician Miyan Tansen of Emperor Akbar’s court. Ustad Jamal Khan is known to the world as Jagjit Singh’s ji guru.

Dr. Roshan Bharti took his training in ghazals under the able guidance of his father Ustad Yasmin Bharti since the age of five and the training continues after 45 years.  One can see in Roshan’s singing, the perfect amalgamation and confluence of styles of his revered ancestors, Ustad Jammal Khan, Ustad Mehndi Hasan, Shri Jagjit Singh ji, his father & guru, Ustad Yasmin Bharti and his own masterful techniques & intricate deliberation of ragas to present a magical, sonorous and melodious performances, which leaves audience spellbound.

Dr. Bharti is a trained classical singer with a doctorate on ghazal queen ‘Begum Akhtar’s life and works from the University of Rajasthan. Currently he is imparting his knowledge of music as a professor in the Kota Girls’ college. He is also a research supervisor for Ph.D. students. Under his able guidance, two students have already acquired their doctoral degree and five more are currently working under him. He has numerous admirers and disciples throughout the world, who are taking ghazal training under his guidance.

He has to his credit many great performances in India, Australia, Canada, North America and Thailand. Roshan has sung with the great ghazal singers of Asia like Ustad Mehndi Hasan, Ustad Ghulam Ali, Shri Jagjit Singh ji and Abida Parveen. The Times Music has released four of his ghazal albums ‘Ghazal Gold, Daagh, Ehsaas and Shaame Ghazal’. His most acclaimed album is “Ulfat” devoted to young generation, expressing love of a young heart.

He has received many recognitions, honors, and awards throughout his life for his exemplary contribution to the field of Music. He is a winner of 2002 Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Youth and 2013 'Abhinav Kala Samman' by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Recently he has received the ‘Hindi Gaurav Ratna’ by the Ambassador of Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Roshan Bharti is a TOP grade All India Radio artist and is associated with All India Radio Jaipur. He is also the youngest member of All India Radio and Doordarshan Audition Board. He regularly records for the Radio and sings in the concerts. His melodious voice accompanied by his cheerful, charming visual presentation is regularly seen in Doordarshan telecasts. He sings from Delhi, Bombay, Lucknow, Jalandhar, Patna, Bhopal and Chennai Doordarshan.

Roshan 9.jpg

Young Roshan Bharti with his guru & father Ustad Yasmin Bharti and Uncle Ustad Mehdi Hassan